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2012 Summer Talley

Pre Season River Scout:  Marvin and Mike find a fused mammoth radius and ulna proximal end emerging from the bank 40 meters downstream from the registration point for the McMinnville Mammoth Site.

First trip:  Mike and Marvin rack up 21 fossils in a single day!  A SLOTH CLAW, some tusk ivory, bison ribs and a bison molar are among the finds on a float combining wading, snorkeling and scuba.

Second trip: Joanie and Mike make a scuba float and discover a cervid tooth, a projectile point, a bison horn core and an absolutely perfect, unworn BABY MAMMOTH TOOTH!

Third Trip:  Marvin finds a HUGE mammoth tooth while on a routine float to transport our boat and material to the McMinnville Mammoth Site.

McMinnville High School Dig:  At the McMinnville Mammoth Site.  No new in situ fossils at the site.  We have depressions that appear to be mammoth tracks developing in the dig.  Amanda an Sofia found one fossil worn out of the bank downstream, heavily encrusted, which turned out to be two toe bones in articulated positioning....our first ever articulated bones from the McMinnville Mammoth Site!  Way to go, MHS!

North American Research Group Dig: At the McMinnville Mammoth Site.  Still no new in situ fossils at the site.  Some nice mammoth tracks in the strata.  Rose found an absolutely beautiful baby mammoth tooth on ivory beach.  Chris found a great bison tooth on the same beach.

SCUBA at the McMinnville Mammoth Site:  Marvin finds a mammoth rib, Mike finds a part of a mammoth scapula.

Fourth Trip: Mike makes a solo scuba trip to dive the local where possible Bison latifrons have been found, and comes back with a bison tibia-fibula and another mammoth tooth. 

Fifth Trip:  Mike and Richard Kimball (NARG) scout all the way to the Royer Mastodon site and return with a cervid tooth and segment of the proximal end of a Harlan's ground sloth scapula.

Linfield College Dig:  At the McMinnville Mammoth Site.  What a great group, worked them almost to death and we got a lumbar vertebra from the McMinnville Mammoth for our efforts!

Institute for Archaeological Studies Dig:  At the McMinnville Mammoth Site.  Dr. Stenger's group developed, measured, photographed and defined the potential track way first discovered earlier this summer.  We have probable mammoth, sloth and bison tracks!  If we confirm them , that will be another first for us this summer!